This and every week, we celebrate the 30.2 million small businesses across our country, which represent 99.9% of all businesses in the United States and propel our local economies by employing nearly 50% of the national workforce.

LiftFund is proud to remove barriers for thousands of small business owners across our 13-state footprint, and share in their journey to success. Our mission is to provide opportunity for entrepreneurs like Jacob and Jennifer, who are skilled, passionate and committed, yet underserved.  

Seven years ago, the couple decided to take a leap of faith and launch CrossFit Stamina, the first crossfit gym in their community. Throughout the years, LiftFund has proudly been by their side providing the needed lift to get them to the next step.

Today, after outgrowing two locations and at 120+ members strong, Jacob and Jennifer are proud of the impact their business has in the community by creating jobs, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and giving back.

“It’s awesome to know that this small dream of ours plays a role in our community and is part of a bigger picture,” reflected Jennifer.

At LiftFund, we are committed to our work that transforms lives and levels the financial playing field for entrepreneurs. It takes a village, and we are proud to be joined by you on this journey. Happy National Small Business Week!