Women's History Month is About Strong Leaders Like Michelle Quiroz

Women are making great strides in all industries, including entrepreneurship. As of 2017, more than 11.6 million firms in the U.S. are owned by women! These businesses generate 1.7 trillion in sales and employ nearly 9 million people, according to the 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report by American Express. LiftFund is proud to support women as they follow their dreams, open their businesses and contribute to the development of their communities.

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Michelle Quiroz: Mother, Engineer, Entrepreneur

Every day, and especially on Women's History Month, we lift up the voices of women in business like Michelle Quiroz, owner of Reserva Coffee RoastersMichelle is a mom of two, an engineer, a wife, and now a successful entrepreneur. Michelle approached starting her coffee business just like she approached her previous career as an aircraft engineer: with tenacity, determination, and a commitment to quality. She spent time learning the science of coffee and experimented with a production roaster to build her confidence and develop her signature recipes before she took a leap of faith to start her business. As the costs of opening her business kept growing, Michelle turned to LiftFund to fund the rest of the equipment she needed. Thanks to a partnership between LiftFund and the City of McAllen, she was able to receive a loan at 0% interest to accomplish her dream of opening a specialty coffee shop.

Leaving her job to pursue her passion wasn't an easy decision for Michelle and her family, but she is happy to lead the way and set an example for other women. She especially wants to show her daughters Evelyn and Carolina, ages 6 and 8 respectively, that they can follow their dreams and be successful. "I recognize women in STEM careers as well as business entrepreneurs are needed to be an example, to mentor, and to lead the next generation," she said. Check out Reserva Coffee Roasters' online store and Facebook page!

Calling all Women Restauranteurs!

Grubhub, an online food-ordering platform, is bringing attention to the inequalities women face in the restaurant industry with a new campaign: RestaurantHER.

RestaurantHER's website features an interactive map to help customers dine at women-owned restaurants. You can take advantage of this movement by registering your restaurant here! Visit RestaurantHER.com for more details and join the #restaurantHER conversation on Twitter.

How Can Outsourcing Benefit You?

In order to be a successful business owner, you must wear multiple hats - each with distinct responsibilities and challenges. Outsourcing is the process of utilizing an outside organization to take care of the often burdensome reoccurring administrative duties like payroll, HR, employee benefits, etc. Companies of all sizes often resort to outsourcing for numerous reasons - from cutting costs to increasing efficiency to reducing risks. Here's how one of our clients is benefiting:

"Outsourcing payroll gives us the freedom of not having to deal with the federal entities that we would have to keep us with from the HR perspective. It enables us to function at a level we wouldn't otherwise be able to. The price is minimum to the time and money we save so my team and I can focus on other things. It is huge for us!" - Jarvis Moore, owner of Jarvis Moore Inc. 

Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing and LiftFund's most recent partnership to provide you with helpful solutions for your business.

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