Meet Orlander: A Son, Father & LiftFund Graduate

When you meet Orlander, you'd never know about his humble and trying past. Despite challenges life threw his way, including time in prison, Orlander found a path to success through the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) and realized he could change his own life. Through PEP, he grounded himself in business skills, accountability, and most importantly, found a calling to provide for himself and his family's future without jeopardizing their safety. 

In 2014, Orlander became the proud owner of Urban Stylez, a clothing and jewelry store based in Pleasant Grove, a Southeast Dallas neighborhood. When Orlander considered growing his business, he knew he was going to need help understanding his business' finances and how a loan could help his long-term goals, so he turned to LiftFund.

"LiftFund is a tremendous help to people serious about getting on their feet. They gave me a chance when nobody else would"

Our team worked with Orlander to find and develop the right tools and solutions to track his revenue and expenses. This first step to financial wellness is a struggle for over 85% of microbusinesses who have trouble consistently maintaining their books. Energized by his new knowledge and the right tools, Orlander felt ready to apply for a loan. He received a $5,000 microloan to purchase inventory and boost his business.

Over the course of two LiftFund loans, Orlander grew his business and relocated to a bigger location, improved his credit score, opened a personal savings account, and - most importantly to him - paid for his son, Christopher's college education.

Today Orlander is a proud graduate of LiftFund, with a line of credit from a local bank in Dallas for five times the amount of his first LiftFund loan. "LiftFund gave me the opportunity to prove I was credit worthy," Orlander said. "They believed in me."

Woodforest Continues its Partnership with LiftFund to Fund Microloans

At LiftFund, we strongly believe in strategic partnerships that create meaningful impact for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the communities we serve. This past month, Woodforest National Bank announced a $1.2 million investment and grant combination award to strengthen our partnership and fuel our common goal of lifting and empowering diverse business owners on their path to financial success. Check out the release here.

LiftFund is a non-profit financial and business consultation organization that helps diverse entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses, stabilize and increase their incomes and assets, create employment and contribute to the economic revitalization of their communities. 

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